I understand that I must print off a copy of this prepayment to redeem it for prepay value on my visit to TCAP.

I have read the information in the Terms and Conditions and give my consent to administer the appropriate health care. TCAP is a low cost service program that provides care for animals belonging to individuals or groups with insufficient resources to purchase the same care from a full service provider. By visiting TCAP and using its services, I acknowledge that my budget will not allow me to use a full service veterinary hospital. TCAP works to make preventative care and sterilization achievable and affordable to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it through the generosity of grants and donations. By clicking “I Agree”, I verify that I lack sufficient means to provide medical care for my pet at a traditional veterinary clinic. By making this purchase, I understand and choose to have the procedure(s) performed.

To the best of my knowledge, I certify that my pet(s) is healthy and has not been recently exposed to any illness. My pet(s) has been eating, drinking and active. My pet(s) is not pregnant and had not had any recent occurrences of abnormal coughing, sneezing, vomiting, or diarrhea. I understand that TCAP provides a cursory exam prior to vaccinating my pet(s). This exam is brief and is only intended to determine if the pet(s) can be vaccinated at this time. If my pet(s) has any symptom that concerns me, I should consult my personal, full service veterinarian. I also certify that my pet(s) has not bitten anyone within the past 10 days and has not had a reaction to vaccines in the past. I understand that even though TCAP uses the finest vaccines available to the vet profession, vaccine reactions can and do happen, although uncommon. I also understand the inherent risks of scratches, bites, and/or animal escaping in a mobile vaccination setting and will not hold TCAP responsible for this or any harm to myself or my pet(s) before, during, or after vaccination. I have read this information and give my consent to administer the appropriate health care. I understand that vaccine reactions can occur at no fault of the veterinarian, and I agree to not hold the veterinarian and TCAP at fault if a vaccine reaction occurs. The stated price for taxable items includes Texas sales or use tax.