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Low-Cost Veterinary Care
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We’re pleased to count Fort Worth among our multiple low-cost spay and neuter clinic locations in North Texas. Our clinics share a mission–to end needless pet euthanasia in animal shelters and help dogs and cats find their forever homes. We believe that low-cost care can also be high-quality care—and with compassionate, licensed veterinarians and technicians on our team and a dedication to the pet-owning community, we offer just that. 

As always, the staff helping with the clinic were friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and the services excellent. I have used TCAP for the past two years and the experience is always excellent.

Jax is doing great! He was in and out very quick and everyone was very friendly and helpful. Great experience! Thank you.

What a great experience…super friendly and knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend to everyone.

Our Low Cost Services

To help the pet-owning community of Fort Worth, we offer these services:


Spaying & Neutering

Low-Cost Spaying & Neutering

We work to help pets and area shelters by providing low cost spaying and neutering for dogs and cats. Surgery days are Monday through Thursday by appointment, and all pets must be under 5 years old and under 80 lbs. with no pre-existing conditions to qualify.
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Vaccinations & Wellness

Low-Cost Vaccinations& Wellness

Vaccines and basic wellness services (microchipping, heartworm testing and prevention, and parasite control) are available for dogs and cats on a walk-in basis.

Walk-in Vaccine Hours:
  • Mon – 9am – 12pm
  • Tues – 9am – 12pm
  • Wed – 9am – 12pm
  • Thurs – 9am – 12pm




We perform dental cleanings by appointment, which include ultrasonic scaling, polishing, fluoride treatment, and antibiotics. All pets must be under 10 years old and have no pre-existing conditions so we can minimize anesthesia risks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our database of frequently asked questions to get more information on what to expect or details on how to prepare for your visit. Don’t see your question, call us at 940-566-5551.