How to participate in TCAP’s Feral Fix Program

TCAP offers the humane sterilization of feral “wild” cats at our 7 DFW area flagship clinics in Allen, Burleson, Denton, Fort Worth, Hurst, Garland, and Weatherford.

Additional things feral caretakers should know:

  • Caretakers must elect for the cat to receive a rabies vaccine at a cost of $5
  • Only 4 cats, each in their own live trap, will be accepted per person. Additional cats may be declined for service, or if the schedule permits may be accepted at full spay/neuter price. 
  • No appointment is necessary, but we recommend calling ahead to ensure sterilizations are being done at TCAP that day. TCAP does not provide feral cat spays and neuters on the last Wednesday of each month.
  • Caretakers are responsible for additional fees incurred during surgery (i.e. in heat, pregnant, or a cryptorchid).
  • Some cities require feral cat colony registration.
    Register your colony here: Feral Cat Registration »
  • An annual census of your registered colony is required by Jan. 15 of each year.
    Complete your census here: Feral Cat Colony Census »

Policy for Ear Tipped Cats
Cats that have an ear tip will be considered feral (unfriendly, not able to be safely handled).  For the safety of the cat and our staff, TCAP will not be able to vaccinate, recheck, or provide wellness services for cats with an ear tip without sedation at an additional cost and the qualifying factors for sedation being met (such as age, health, etc).