When To Vaccinate Your Pet

We all know that we need to vaccinate our pets, but what is the appropriate schedule? 

Puppies and kittens are vaccinated in 3-4 week intervals and then on an annual basis.  Please refer to the timeline below.

When to Vaccinate Your Pet

No Appointment Necessary

At TCAP, no appointments are required for vaccinations!  Simply click on the link below to view our vaccine calendar.  Here, you’ll find locations and times that are convenient for you!

Why should you vaccinate your pet?

Vaccination is a preventive measure and not a cure. Administering vaccines to your pet greatly improves its immune system by stimulating it to form disease-fighting cells and proteins (known as antibodies) to protect against the disease.

Not sure what these vaccines are for?
Hover over or click each vaccine below to learn more about the disease it prevents:



Because our wellness veterinarian must look at every pet, we cannot vaccinate your pet while it is in your vehicle. If you cannot get your pet in line for the exam, then we cannot vaccinate your pet. All dogs must be on a tight leash. Unlocked-retractable or loose leashes are not allowed for the safety of your pet and other clients and their pets.

* If TCAP’s veterinarian determines a patient does not meet the minimum health requirements for services, the patient will be declined to ensure the patient’s health. This declination of service is for a pet’s well-being and the patient will be referred to local, full-service hospitals for care.

Want to know when your pet last received vaccines at TCAP?

TCAP has partnered with PetDesk, allowing you to view your pet’s vaccination history in a convenient app.