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At some of our events, you and your pet(s) may have to wait outside while in line to be seen. Please prepare for the weather when attending vaccine clinics.

Every cat will receive a free cursory physical exam prior to being vaccinated. This exam is extremely brief and is to make certain that your pet is healthy enough to be vaccinated. Your pet must be bright, alert, responsive, hydrated, eating and drinking normally and have pink gums. For a complete, comprehensive physical exam to discuss any problem your pet is having, please see your full service veterinarian. Because our wellness veterinarian must look at every pet, we cannot vaccinate your pet while it is in your vehicle. If you cannot get your pet in line for the exam, then we cannot vaccinate your pet. All cats must be in a carrier. Cats not in carriers will not be vaccinated.

Cat Pricing

Individual Vaccinations

Vaccination Packages

  • Basic Annual Vaccine Package: Rabies, FHCPCh, and FeLV for $25
  • Premium Annual Vaccine Package: Rabies, FHCPCh, FeLV, and deworming for $30
  • Kitten 9-11 Weeks: FHCPCh, FeLV, and deworming for $25
  • Kitten Over 12 Weeks: Rabies, FHCPCh, FeLV, and deworming for $30
  • Kitten Vaccine Wellness Package: two vaccine visits, a HomeAgain microchip, and a free prize for $75

Intestinal Parasites

  • Intestinal Parasite Test*: $15
  • General Dewormer (Strongid-T): $5
  • Tapeworm Dewormer (Droncit): $10

*Intestinal Parasite Tests are only done Monday – Friday, as the samples are sent to a laboratory. We cannot take samples on the weekend.

Flea/Tick Control

  • Spot-on flea treatment 1 month: $12
  • Spot-on flea treatment 6 month supply: $60
  • Bravecto 90 day spot-on flea/tick treatment: $45


  • During walk-in hours: $30
  • At time of surgery: $20

Other Services

  • Nail Trim*: $10
  • FeLV/FIV Test: $20

*Written proof of a current rabies vaccine must be provided at time of nail trim.

Policy for Ear Tipped Cats

Cats that have an ear tip will be considered feral (unfriendly, not able to be safely handled).  For the safety of the cat and our staff, TCAP will not be able to vaccinate, recheck, or provide wellness services for cats with an ear tip without sedation at an additional cost and the qualifying factors for sedation being met (such as age, health, etc).

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Vaccination Info:
Why should you vaccinate your pet?

Vaccination is a preventive measure and not a cure. Administering vaccines to your pet greatly improves their immune system by stimulating it to form disease fighting cells and proteins (known as antibodies) to protect against the disease.

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