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Monthly Renewal Reminders

Monthly renewal reminders

Cheers to another year of great pet health! We hope this email finds you and {pet_name} doing well! As a valued client at TCAP, we wanted to remind you that your pet’s adult wellness plan is up for renewal on {renewal_date}.

TCAP’s adult wellness plans are designed to provide comprehensive preventive care while helping you spread out the cost of products and services throughout the year. As part of our commitment to providing exceptional service, our adult wellness plans are set up for auto-renewal.  We understand that circumstances can change, and you may wish to modify your adult wellness plan subscription. If that’s the case, please follow the link above to learn how to update your pet’s wellness plan.

Link To Auto Renewal Settings

We appreciate your business and hope you continue to trust us with your pet’s wellness care needs.  We look forward to serving you and {pet_name} in the coming year. It’s our pleasure to help your pet remain happy and healthy!

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