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Pet Travel Safety Tips







With the holidays just around the corner, many of us will make long journeys to join family and friends. Often times this presents a choice, will your pets stay at home or will they come with you to celebrate the holiday? Should you choose to travel with your pet, we have a couple tips to make certain that your pet stays happy and safe throughout the holidays.

Kennels or Carriers

When it comes to vehicle travel, your pet should never be allowed to roam freely.  Not only can this be distracting to the driver, but it is also unsafe for your pet should an accident occur. Cats in particular may become stressed from being in a moving vehicle; keeping them in carrier will keep them calm and help them feel more secure.







It is best to keep pets in kennels or pet carriers that are secured in place to prevent them from sliding around or rolling while the car is being operated. Pets traveling in vehicles should also be kept out of the front seat. Airbags are not designed with pet safety in mind and they can harm your pet rather than protect him in the event of an accident.

Rest Stops

Stop frequently to allow your dog a chance to exercise and eliminate. Long trips can be taxing and boring and these breaks will help him remain happy. Please note, cats often become stressed and difficult to handle if they are taken out of their carrier in an unknown environment. Do not attempt to remove your cat from his carrier unless you are at your destination or unless your vehicle doors are securely closed.

Never allow your pets to leave your vehicle without a leash and proper identification. A combination of a collar, ID tag, and microchip works best and gives your furry friend their best chance of returning to you should you become separated.

Proper ID

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Before traveling with a pet, please check to ensure that he has an ID tag and a microchip with your current contact information. ID tags are necessary because people who find pets may not always think to look for a microchip when rescuing a stray pet. It is also a good idea to have a temporary travel ID tag included on your pet’s collar with your cell phone and your destination phone number for the duration of the trip. Microchips are important because they serve as a backup in case ID tags fall off. All animal shelters and veterinary clinics have microchip scanner to help rescuers contact the owners of lost pets.

TCAP offers both of these essential tools for ensuring your pet’s safety. You may order a custom ID tag online for $6 and have it mailed to your home and you can come in during TCAP’s  walk-in vaccine hours and have your pet microchipped for $30.

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