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Online Booking for Spays and Neuters

  1. While scheduling, you will be given an exact time for drop off of your pet. However, please note that drop-off for all pets is between 8 am – 9 am. Pick-up is at 3 pm. Dogs can be in a pet carrier or on a leash. Cats must be in individual hard-sided carriers or in a humane live trap.
  2. Please, do not provide food or water to your pet after 10 pm on the night before surgery. Feeding your pet before surgery can cause life-threatening complications. 
  3.  Online booking of spays and neuters is available at TCAP’s 8 main locations (Allen, Arlington, Burleson, Denton, Fort Worth, Garland, Hurst, and Weatherford), and our MASH-style travel clinics in Azle and Hillsboro. We are not able to book transport spay and neuter appointments online at this time.  Vaccines do not require an appointment and are available on a walk-in basis.
  4. You may only use this tool to make spay and neuter appointments, not appointments for dental cleanings. Appointments for Female Dogs that weigh more than  30lbs and for dental cleanings must be scheduled over the phone by calling 940-566-5551.
  5. Due to special diagnostic and anesthetic needs, TCAP does not perform surgery or dental cleanings on Persian cats, English Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogs, or any mixes of these breeds.
  6. Pets must be younger than 5 years of age to qualify for TCAP’s spay/ neuter program.
  7. Your pet must weigh between 2 – 79.9 lbs. Pets that do not meet these requirements will be referred to local, full-service veterinary clinics.
  8. Your pet cannot have any pre-existing health conditions (breathing issues, neurological issues, clotting disorders, a heart murmur, history of seizures, etc.) and be safely sterilized by TCAP’s caring, compassionate veterinary team.
  9. Male pets younger than 6 months old are not eligible for sterilization unless both testicles are descended. If the testicles do not descend into the testicular sack by 6 months of age,  you may proceed with scheduling the pet’s sterilization at that time for an additional cost (cryptorchid). 
  10. If your pet has a current rabies vaccine, you must provide written proof of the rabies vaccine on the morning of your pet’s appointment (a rabies tag alone is insufficient). If your pet does not have a current rabies vaccine, you may purchase one on the day of your pet’s surgery for $5.
  11. Payment is due when you drop your pet off for surgery, but there may be additional charges at pick up if your pet is in heat, pregnant, has an undescended testicle, etc. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Cash. 
  12. If you are scheduling a female dog, she cannot be spayed while she has a discharge from her heat cycle.
  13. Spay procedures terminate active pregnancies. TCAP does not have diagnostic equipment to verify if a pet is pregnant prior to a spay.
  14. If you are booking an appointment at one of our travel locations, in Hillsboro or Azle, you will need bring your pet  in a hard sided carrier or wire crate for them to spend the day in. We do not have our own kennel banks onsite at these locations. 
  15. While booking appointments for multiple pets, you will need to complete your online appointment booking for each pet. 

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