$20 Spays/Neuters

for dogs under 20 lbs!

Receive a $20 spay/neuter for your dog under 20 lbs when you purchase a full-set of vaccines or a microchip.

Fine Print: Proof of a current rabies vaccine is required or can be provided at the time of surgery for an additional $5. Must purchase either a full set of vaccines for $25 or a microchip for $20 at the time of surgery to qualify for this special. Pets eligible for this special are dogs, male or female, under 20lbs. Pets must have an appointment for sterilization, at any TCAP spay/neuter location, between March  1, 2024, and March 31, 2024 and meet all of TCAP’s qualifications for surgery. Pets must be at least 10 weeks old, but younger than 5 years old. Pets must also weigh at least 2 lbs and have no pre-existing health conditions to qualify for this special. Pets already scheduled for surgery in March are eligible for this offer. Male pets younger than six months old must have their testicles descended to be sterilized. Additional fees will be incurred for males (older than six months) with undescended testicle(s) and females that are in heat or pregnant. These fees will be assessed to the owner or caretaker. Shelters and rescue groups may participate in this special. Additional fees will be incurred if owners purchase take-home pain medications, antibiotics, or additional vaccines. This special may not be combined with any other discounts or offers. Only four pets per owner or caretaker per day.

This special is sold out.