Kroger Community Rewards

If you have supported TCAP by linking your Kroger Plus card to our Non-profit, it is time to Re-Enroll for the 2015-2016 session!

Kroger will make a donation on your behalf if you link your Kroger card to your favorite non-profit (that’s us)! If you would like to help TCAP through this wonderful program, all you need to do is link your Kroger Plus card to TCAP and then shop for all your groceries! Every time you use your Kroger plus card, Kroger will make a small donation to TCAP without affecting the price of your groceries! To sign up, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down to Texas and click “Enroll Now”
  3. Find our organization in the search box by typing in your company name “Texas Coalition for Animal Protection” or our company ID “91051”
  4. Shop at Kroger. Remember to swipe your Kroger Plus card to support our cause every time you shop!