Dallas Animal Ordinances

Did you know?

The city of Dallas, TX has requirements for vaccinations, microchipping, and spay & neuter.   Let’s take a look at each of these Dallas Animal Ordinance requirements:

Rabies Vaccination

According to Section 7-4.1, all dogs and cats over the age of four (4) months must be vaccinated for rabies.   The pet must be wearing a current rabies tag and the owner must be able to present a current certificate of rabies vaccination to the Director of Animal Services or a Police Officer.

At TCAP, we offer rabies vaccinations for dogs and rabies vaccinations for cats at just $5.  No appointment required.

Why are rabies vaccinations important?  Rabies is a preventable contagious disease that causes brain and spinal cord inflammation.  It typically results in death.


According to Section 7-4.2, all dogs and cats over the age of four (4) months must have a microchip.  Further, the owner must maintain current contact information with a microchip registration company.

TCAP offers microchipping for dogs and microchipping for cats through the HomeAgain company for $30.  No appointment is required for Microchipping.

Microchipping allows for the easy identification, and often the return, of a lost dog or cat.  A microchip is a device about the size of a grain of rice.  It is implanted under your pets skin and can be scanned to retrieve information.  Unlike a tag, microchips cannot fall off.

Dallas Spay & Neuter

According to Section 7-4.3, all dogs and cats of the age of six (6) months must be spay or neutered.  Exceptions to this requirement are if the animal is certified annually as a competition dog or cat or if the owner has a breeding permit.

Why Spay and Neuter?  Spaying and neutering your pet not only helps prevent unwanted litters but also can lessen the chance that your pet develops certain cancers, can reduce roaming, aggression, and increase your pet’s lifespan by 3-5 years.

TCAP provides dog spay and neuter services starting at $55.  Cat spay and neuter services start at $35.  Appointments are required for spay and neuter surgeries.  They can be made by clicking below.