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Cost of Spaying or Neutering My Cat

TCAP is a 501C3 nonprofit with the mission to end euthanasia by making high-quality spays and neuters accessible to clients that may not be able to afford these same procedures at a full-service veterinary office. Owners that do not sterilize their pets often quote cost as the leading factor preventing them from getting these procedures done. However, TCAP has taken many steps to remove cost as a barrier for our clients so that all of our patients can have access to the necessary preventative care that we provide.

What is the TCAP Difference?

The average cost at a full-service facility for a cat spay/ neuter ranges from $300-$500 depending on a variety of factors (patient sex, age, pre-existing health conditions, individual hospital pricing models, etc).

At TCAP, our team of licensed veterinarians is able to provide the same procedures for only $35 for males and $45 for females. We are able to offer this cost due to a combination of our non-profit status and underwriting from our wellness program and donations from pet lovers like you. Occasionally, TCAP will even be able to discount our already low prices during our monthly specials.

Take Action

Spaying or neutering your cat not only helps prevent unwanted litters of kittens, but it can also have health benefits for your feline friend. In addition to reducing the risk of certain cancers, spaying female cats can prevent potentially fatal uterine infections, while neutering male cats can prevent testicular cancer and reduce the risk of prostate problems. It’s important to remember that the cost of spaying or neutering your cat is a small price to pay compared to the cost of caring for a litter of kittens or treating a serious medical condition. By taking this preventative step, you can give your cat a happier, healthier life while also doing your part to reduce pet overpopulation.

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