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Commonly Asked Questions about Kittens

At TCAP, we have the pleasure of meeting many kittens. During these visits we often receive common questions from new kitten owners. In an effort to make raising a kitten easier, our staff has compiled a list of answers to commonly asked questions.


Will Her Eyes Stay Blue?










Kittens don’t open their eyes until they are about 1-2 weeks of age. At this stage, their eyes will often appear as a grayish-blue, but this color does tend to fade into your kitten’s permanent eye color at around 4-7 weeks of age. More often than not, the permanent color is just as beautiful as the blue of early kitten-hood.


When Can She Start Eating Solid Food?

Mother kittens tend to begin leaving their kittens for extended periods of time when the kittens reach 5 weeks of age. At this point, kittens are perfectly able to eat solid kitten food and should be encouraged to do so at 4-5 weeks of age.


How Do I House-Train Him?

Thankfully, most kittens have natural instincts that fit perfectly with using a litterbox. To introduce a kitten to this process, simply feed your kitten(s), put him inside a litterbox filled with cat litter, and wait! It may take a couple repeats, but quickly enough your kitten will catch on and eliminate into the litter box. Repeat this process a few times over the course of a day or two to let your kitten get acquainted with where his litter box is and you are set. When placing your cat’s litter box, it is best to keep your kitten’s litter box separate from their food and on the ground for easy access.


When Does He Get His Shots?







Kitten shots are given in two sets. The first set of shots should be given when a kitten is 9-11 weeks of age. The first round of shots includes an FHCPCh and FeLV vaccine and a general dewormer. The second set of kitten shots should be given 3-4 weeks later and includes the Rabies, FHCPCh and FeLV vaccines and a general dewormer. From then on, vaccines must be boostered on an annual basis. For an easy guide on kitten vaccines visit:


When Should I Spay or Neuter?










Kittens can become pregnant at as early as 4 months of age. Veterinarians working with TCAP will provide spays and neuters to kittens that weigh more than 2lbs. Most often, kittens reach this weight at about 2-3 months of age. For male kittens, it is important to wait until both of their testicles have dropped before the procedure. You may have heard that females need to wait until after their first heat cycle to be spayed, however there is no need for this and they can be safely spayed before their first heat.

                To learn more about the prices of kitten spays and neuters or to request an appointment, visit TCAP’s website:

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