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Christmas Parties with Pets







Christmas is a wonderful season to spend time with friends and family. If you are planning a holiday party, here are some tips to make sure your pet can join in the festivities while staying safe and comfortable.


Dangerous Decorations

No Christmas party is complete without common holiday plants such as mistletoe, poinsettias, holly, and Christmas trees.  The first three decorative plants are very toxic to both dogs and cats so we would advise either getting realistic fake alternatives or keeping your pets away from these plants completely. Live Christmas trees require a reservoir of water at their base to keep them alive. This water is not recommended for your pet’s consumption, so it is important to make certain your pet cannot access it for a quick drink. To many pets, tinsel looks like a toy or a festive treat. While it used to pose a larger threat due to containing elements of lead, current lead-free tinsel can still block an animal’s intestinal tract if consumed.


Buff up Your Buffet

If you plan on having a buffet-style meal or snack area, remember to use sturdy dishware. Your pet may be disciplined enough to resist jumping on the buffet table, but a guest’s dog might not be so controlled. Should this happen, you will be glad it was durable dishware that hit the kitchen floor rather than your grandmother’s fine china.



Paw-rty Favors

Pets like party favors, too. While Santa hats may be cute, but they don’t stay on very well and they often cause pets distress. Instead, you can go to your local pet supply store and purchase cute bow ties for collars and hair bows.


Safety First

Before bringing your pet to a pet friendly Christmas gathering, make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date. The core vaccines are Rabies, DAPPv, and Bordetella for dogs and Rabies, FHCPCh, and FeLV for cats. TCAP has many convenient, walk-in vaccine events throughout North Texas to help you and your pet. To learn more about updating your pet’s vaccinations, visit our website at

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