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Best in DFW: TCAP A Finalist for Best Animal Nonprofit

TCAP is a finalist for the Dallas Morning News People’s Choice Awards in the category Best Animal Nonprofit.

Your vote can help us secure this prestigious award, and contribute to the welfare of countless animals across the region. We’ve compiled a list of four reasons you should vote for TCAP!

1. TCAP Impact:

Texas Coalition for Animal Protection is dedicated to improving the lives of animals through its 8 DFW-area spay/neuter clinics. Since opening in 2002, TCAP has provided more than 700,000 low-cost, or free, spays and neuters to community pets in need. Reducing the number of unwanted litters helps prevent pet overpopulation and its associated challenges, such as overcrowded shelters, abandoned animals, and the unfortunate need for euthanasia. TCAP has also provided essential low-cost wellness services such as vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and more to pets in need.

2. Empowering the Community:

In addition to crucial spay/neuter services, actively engages with the community to promote responsible pet ownership. Utilizing educational programs, we equip pet owners with the knowledge and resources needed to provide proper care and create a loving environment for their furry companions. By empowering each other, we can foster a culture of compassion and ensure a brighter future for animals in DFW.

3. Uniting Animal Lovers:

TCAP has built a vibrant and supportive network of animal lovers who share their vision for a better world for animals. By voting for Texas Coalition for Animal Protection as the Best Animal Nonprofit in DFW, you not only help us gain recognition (which can help us win grant dollars for our programs) but also contribute to strengthening the animal welfare community. Together, we can raise awareness, inspire others, and create lasting change for animals in need.

4. It’s Easy:

Here’s how you can show your support for TCAP and help us win the title of the Best Animal Nonprofit in DFW:

  1. Visit the website before June 30, 2023
  2. Select “Texas Coalition for Animal Protection”
  3. Submit your ballot
  4. Return tomorrow and vote again (you can vote once each day).

Remember, every vote counts, and your support will directly impact the lives of animals in DFW.

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