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A World Without Spay and Neuter

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As a spay and neuter clinic, we often encounter the question, why should I spay and neuter my pet? To answer, let us propose an interesting scenario, instead. For just a moment, imagine a world without spay and neuter.

Efficient Reproduction

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No matter their breed, background or training, all dogs and cats share one talent-they do a great job at reproducing. According to the ASPCA, a female cat can give birth to up to two litters per year that result in 4-6 kittens on average. A female dog can have one litter per year and that results in 4-6 puppies (larger dogs have larger litters). Puppies and kittens are able to reproduce as soon as they reach their first heat cycle at 4-6 months old. Assuming an average of 4 animals per litter, this means that in the course of one year a cat and her offspring can produce 30 kittens. Dogs, because they can only have one litter, will reproduce overall a little slower and would produce approximately 16 puppies. Without physical intervention, these numbers will only grow exponentially.

Lack of Resources

Despite the current combined efforts of responsible owners, veterinarians, adoption agencies, fosters, rescue groups, and animal shelters, approximately 3.4 million animals are euthanized in United States animal shelters every year. This is not done out of malice, but simply a lack of room and a lack of resources for the number of pets in our country. And that number is with the availability of low cost, high quality resources like TCAP for spay and neuter. Now imagine what that number would grow to without the benefits of preventative spays and neuters available to most any household. The ultimate outcome would be far more dismal and costly.

The Solution


Luckily, we don’t have to live in a world without spay and neuter services that most anyone can afford. In fact, any veterinary professional would tell you that spaying and neutering is the most humane and effective way to combat pet overpopulation. As a nonprofit, TCAP seeks to overcome this barrier by providing the lowest cost spays, neuters, and vaccinations in North Texas. If you have any questions about sterilizing your pet or request an appointment at one of our convenient locations, give us a call at 940-566-5551 today! Together we can make a difference for people and their pets throughout North Texas.

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