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5 Reasons to Adopt a Pet from Your Local Animal Shelter

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Adding a furry friend to your home is an exciting decision. However, like most decisions, you are faced with so many choices it’s often hard to know where to begin. As a low cost spay and neuter clinic, we at TCAP encourage you to visit your local animal shelter or local rescue organization to find a new pet. There are many reasons why a shelter or rescue pet is a better choice than purchasing a pet from a breeder, Craigslist, or even breeding your own litter to get just one pet. Some of these many reasons are listed below:

1. You save a life.

Each year, 6-8 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters throughout the United States. Due to low adoption rates, many of these animals never find a forever home. Most animal shelters are forced to end animal overpopulation through euthanasia. By adopting a lost, abandoned, or unwanted pet from a shelter, you give that animal a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

2. You can choose from a great selection of animals.

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Shelters always have a large variety of animals awaiting adoption. You can find animals of all ages, breeds, temperaments, personalities and sizes. This variety guarantees you can find the perfect pet for your home. Whether you are looking for a running buddy, guard dog, lap warmer, or just a new best friend, your local shelter is sure to have a perfect pet for you.

3. You can get to know a pet before bringing it home.

Animal shelter employees generally know about each animal’s temperament, activity level, and personality. By speaking with a shelter technician or volunteer, you can leverage this knowledge to find a pet that is perfect for your home.

4. You support a valuable organization for your community.


When you adopt from a local rescue or shelter, you assist an organization that is dedicated to promoting and advancing animal welfare. Shelters improve their community by mandating and enforcing that adopted animals be spayed or neutered. This alone helps break the cycle and reduce more unwanted litters.

5. You pay less.

Animal shelters keep adoption fees as low as possible. These fees ordinarily only cover the cost of the basic care the pet has already received.

Looking to adopt a pet? Find your local animal shelter or call your local animal rescue organization. They are bound to have exactly the pet you are looking for! You can see all the exciting adoptable pets in your area by going to

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