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5 Pet Safety Tips For This Holiday Season






The holiday season is upon us! Now is the time for Christmas carols, good food, cold weather, warm fires, family visits, and car and air travel. Some of these things may be stressful for you, but these things may cause even more stress and anxiety for your pets. Pets show their stress and anxiety in a variety of ways including: excessive vocalization, destructiveness, irritability, or hiding. At TCAP, we understand that pets are important family members, so we’ve compiled a list of five stress-relieving tips for your pet this holiday season.

One – Safe Haven









If your pet is shy, ensure that your pet has a bedroom, closet, or bathroom to remove themselves from the sudden influx of strangers if they wish. Pets that have the option of leaving a crowded room will feel safer and often be less stressed when you host a gathering of family and friends.

Two – Party Animal






If you have a pet that enjoys being the life of the party, aim to include them in the festivities. Closing your pet off in a back room can often cause them great anxiety and loneliness. Please take into account your pet’s familiarity with your guests, and vice versa. Make certain children know how to interact with your pet to keep everyone safe throughout the holiday season.

Three – Food

One common holiday hiccup comes from pets ingesting foods that simply are not meant for their digestive systems. Your pet may beg for table scraps or left overs, but it is important to make sure that your pet only eats proper dog or cat food. Some common foods such as chocolate and raisins are toxic for dogs. Fat trimmings, fruitcake, rich gravies, sauces, cooked bones, onions, and grapes are also extremely harmful. Please have a conversation with all of your dinner guests to make sure they avoid feeding your pet anything from the table.

It is also important to keep a wary eye on where food is placed. Leaving plates or serving trays near the edges of tables and counters are easily accessible to your four-legged friends. Again, be mindful of where you leave food and keep a watchful eye on your pet when food is out.

Four – Open Doors

Ensure your pet is secure when opening the door for guests arriving and leaving your home. Small dogs and cats can be especially tricky when trying to bolt out an open door. Pets that would not normally do this may feel threatened by the sudden arrival of many strangers and try to find safety outdoors. If necessary, confine your pet to a safe spot when guests are due to arrive and let them out again when everyone has arrived and the door is closed.

Five – Quality Time







With all the hustle and bustle the holiday season brings, it is often easy to decrease quality time with your pet. Remember that is important that your pet not miss out on important exercise such as going on walks or simply playing fetch. You can always break playtime into shorter, more frequent sessions throughout the day. You’ll find the breaks leave you feeling refreshed and more energized for everything you have to do.


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