What to Expect at TCAP: Vaccination Hours

We’ve implemented new policies light of  COVID-19, learn about how these changes will impact your upcoming visit >>

Vaccine clinic hours can vary by season or location. Please check our VACCINATION CLINIC CALENDAR>>  for the most up to date times and locations.

When you arrive, please join the line (if one has formed) with your pet. At TCAP we work on a first-come-first-serve basis, and do our best to provide quick, quality care to every animal we see. However, please be prepared for a 30-45 minute wait. Your wait will be most efficient if you complete your paperwork while in line, and select the services you know your pet needs. We do our best to begin vaccines on time, but sometimes we start a little later than stated times due to surgery check-in. Make sure all dogs are on a tight leash or in your arms and not able to interact with other clients or other pets. All cats must be in a secure cat carrier.

At some events, you and your pet(s) may have to wait in line outside to be seen. When the weather is hot, overheating of people and pets is a serious health concern. Please be aware of this, especially for older pets and pets that are in crates, and prepare yourself and your pet(s) accordingly.




Your pet will be vaccinated by our caring team of veterinarians and vet techs right in front of you. If you requested to have your pet’s nails trimmed, please note that this cannot be done on the same day as the rabies vaccine. Pets must be current on their rabies vaccine for at least 7 days before receiving a nail trim at TCAP. If your pet’s rabies was done elsewhere, please bring paper documentation showing that your pet is current.



Payment is due at the time of service. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cash, TCAP prepayment vouchers, and pre-approved vouchers from one of TCAP’s shelter partners. If you prepayed for your services please have your printed voucher in hand. The paperwork you filled out will be given back to you featuring the veterinarian’s signature, and the rabies vaccine information (if applicable). This paperwork will serve as your record of the services provided and as your rabies certificate if rabies was provided.




Once at home, it is important to monitor your pet post-vaccination in case they have a reaction to the vaccines; however, vaccine reactions are not common. If you have any concerns post vaccination call our Client Care Coordinator at 940-395-4306.

Please note, TCAP facilities do not have a public restroom.