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My pet seems uncomfortable following surgery.

  • My pet is wearing an e-collar (cone) — Your pet is likely not accustomed to the e-collar. Often, it takes pets some time to become acclimated to the e-collar. Try lifting the e–collar with one hand and encouraging him to move around a bit to see if this helps.
  • My pet is not wearing an e-collar (cone) — If your pet had surgery recently, your pet may be nauseous and need to be led to a place to lay down for a while. Be sure to check your pet’s incision daily and make sure it is still intact, not oozing or bleeding, and shows no signs of infection. Offer your pet a little bit of food and water. Monitor their bowel movements and ensure they are not straining to urinate or defecate. Your pet may not be very hungry, or may vomit if they had surgery in the last 24 hours. However, if it isn’t nausea, bring your pet in during our walk-in vaccine hours for a vet to make an assessment.

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