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Low-Cost Veterinarian in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Cats and dogs are our best friends. They are part of our families.  Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, you’ll know that caring for an animal is one of the most rewarding things you can do. While your pet is part of your family, the cost of an animal can quickly start to add up. Vaccinations, microchipping, flea treatments, and neutering can leave you with expensive vet bills.

The Texas Coalition for Animal Protection is a non-profit and low-cost pet wellness organization based in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Our services are up to 87% lower than traditional vets, with rabies vaccinations starting from just $5.

You can help put an end to euthanasia in our local shelters and pet overpopulation by donating to help our team continue to provide low-cost spays, neuters, and other wellness treatments.

Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pets

We’ve offered low-cost spay and neutering services for over 700,000 pets in North Texas, preventing over 2.1 million litters to help tackle pet overpopulation. Choosing to have your pet spayed or neutered helps reduce the number of unwanted animals in our local community.

Spaying and neutering also come with a myriad of health benefits for your pet. Studies have shown that spayed or neutered cats and dogs live longer on average due to the health and behavioral benefits of the treatment. Spaying female pets can reduce their risk of breast cancer and prevent uterine infection. Similarly, neutering male pets eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and reduces the risk of enlarged prostate glands.

Pets that are spayed or neutered also benefit from behavioral changes due to the decrease in certain hormones. Female pets are less likely to show mating-related behavior by removing their heat cycles. Male pets that are neutered show less urine-marking behaviors as their breeding instinct is reduced.

Affordable Spay and Neuter Services in North Texas

We have 8 permanent locations and 40 mobile locations throughout North Texas to make affordable veterinary care as accessible as possible. Our spay and neutering services are carried out in Allen, Arlington, Burleson, Denton, Fort Worth, Hurst, Garland, and Weatherford. 

We partner with animal shelters and local municipalities to provide low-cost spays and neutering services for community pets. Find your nearest low-cost spay and neuter facility in North Texas here.

Although spaying and neutering are considered major surgical procedures, they’re the most common ones carried out by veterinarians. Our low-cost veterinarian services are the most affordable way to improve your pet’s health and reduce overpopulation. One of our vets will examine your pet before surgery and place them under general anesthesia to keep them comfortable throughout the operation.

The Importance of Vaccines for Cats and Dogs

Vaccinations are crucial for keeping your pets healthy and reducing expensive vet bills in the future. Staying on top of your pet’s vaccinations can help prevent common diseases, including those that can be passed from animals to humans.


Cats and dogs that are unvaccinated are at a higher risk of contracting life-threatening diseases, including rabies. Pets that are fully vaccinated have a stronger immune system and are more likely to fight off common diseases.


As a low-cost veterinarian service, our vaccination clinics are held regularly with walk-in appointments. Several core vaccines are recommended for all domestic pets. Canine influenza vaccines are necessary for dogs who attend boarding facilities or pet daycare.


Read more: When to Vaccinate Your Pet


Kittens and puppies are highly susceptible to infectious diseases due to their young immune system. Vaccinating your pet when they’re young is crucial to keeping them healthy.


While young animals will receive some antibodies from their mother if they were vaccinated, this protection isn’t permanent. Most pets will have two doses of a vaccine to help their immune systems recognize a virus and produce the antibodies to protect against it. We recommend that vaccinations are carried out with no more than 4 weeks between each appointment. Puppies and kittens should have their final vaccination by 4 months old.

Affordable Vaccinations for Pets

Our low-cost vaccines for cats and dogs are available on a walk-in basis at vaccination events across our locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. We offer low-cost vaccinations and testing for:



Check our vaccination clinic calendar and our guidelines for more information. Cats must be in a carrier for vaccination clinics, and dogs must be on a short, tight leash.

Low-Cost Microchipping for Domestic Pets

Microchipping is crucial for keeping pets out of shelters by reuniting them with their owners. If your pet is microchipped, they’re more likely to be returned to you if they’re lost or stolen. This small electronic chip is comparable to the size of a grain of rice and is activated by a scanner using radio waves.


A microchip is injected under your pet’s skin using a hypodermic needle, meaning it’s not any more painful than an average injection. If your pet is being spayed or neutered, you might choose to have a microchip implanted while they’re under anesthesia. Our low-cost microchipping services give you added peace of mind if the worst should happen.

Keeping Your Pets Healthy with Flea Treatments

Our low-cost veterinarian services in Dallas and Fort Worth include flea and tick treatments. Fleas and ticks pose a health risk to you and your pets as they transmit diseases, including between animals and humans. Lyme disease is commonly caused by fleas. Your pet must be regularly checked for fleas and other parasites to keep them healthy.


Help TCAP Provide Low-Cost Veterinarian Services

Since 2002, we’ve provided low-cost vaccination and sterilization services throughout North Texas, including medical care for over 150,000 animals. As a non-profit, your support is crucial for allowing us to continue our work to reduce animal overpopulation and fight euthanasia rates in North Texas. Donate to TCAP today or shop our merch store to help support our work.

Are you in need of low-cost veterinarian services? Schedule an appointment or get a quote for your pet’s visits.

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