North Texas Giving Day is coming up soon! Mark your calendars to get up and give on 9/19/19!


What is North Texas Giving Day?

Every year, the Communities Foundation of Texas, hosts North Texas Giving Day, the largest fundraising day for non-profits in Texas. Support from our community helped TCAP raise $19,827.69 in 2018. This year, our goal is to raise $25,000.00. Funds that you donate this year will go to underwriting spays and neuters for North Texas pets in need.

Why Give on North Texas Giving Day?

Your money goes further – Donations of $25 or more receive a bonus from a pool raised by the Communities Foundation of Texas. Last year, this bonus was 3.2%, so a $100 donation last year was effectively a $103.20 donation! This bonus will be determined shortly after donations close, but all donations of $25 or over will qualify to be boosted by bonus funds.
You are helping end euthanasia – TCAP’s mission is to end animal overpopulation and euthanasia in North Texas. Your support will help TCAP continue to provide free or steeply discounted spays and neuters for pets in our community, thus preventing thousands of unwanted pets from entering North Texas Animal Shelters.

How to Donate

Donations are collected on our giving day profile on 9/19/19 from 6 am CST until 11:59 pm. This year is is possible to pledge a donation in the week prior to North Texas Giving Day (Sept 9 – Sept 18). Whether you plan to donate early or wait until the day of, please mark North Texas Giving Day 09/19/2019 on your calendar, save our giving profile to your computer, and be ready to donate to support North Texas animals!