Job Description

Veterinary assistants at TCAP are responsible for the daily care of all surgical patients. They also assist doctors and technicians with surgical and anesthetic procedures and general housekeeping. Veterinary assistants also help the veterinary team vaccinate pets during walk-in vaccine events at all TCAP locations.

General Responsibilities

  1. Perform daily cleaning of kennels, cages and public areas when necessary.
  2. Stock, clean and  prep operating room each day.
  3. Wash and sterilize all surgical packs and drapes throughout the surgery day.
  4. Represent TCAP in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Provide quality service to clients, volunteers, and staff, recognizing their individual contributions to the success of our organization.
  5. Triage all patients as they are checked in. Report health concerns to the attending veterinarian.
  6. Help restrain pets during anesthesia induction and intubation.
  7. Help monitor all patients while on gas anesthesia, while in surgery and in recovery.
  8. Assist veterinarians in surgery as needed and provide excellent patient care.
  9. Administer animal vaccinations, tests, medications and treatments as directed.
  10. Communicate basic veterinary concepts to owners and be able to repeat information relayed by the veterinarian.