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All About TCAP

Each year, 6-8 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters throughout the United States. Due to low adoption rates, most of these animals never find a forever home. Animal shelters are forced to cope with animal overpopulation through euthanasia. That’s where Texas Coalition for Animal Protection steps in to make a difference.


Our Goal

The answer to stopping euthanasia and overpopulation starts with prevention. Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) has been a leader in animal welfare since its formation in 2002. TCAP provides compassionate solutions to pet overpopulation and euthanasia. As a Denton-based non-profit, TCAP provides the lowest prices for preventative animal care throughout North Texas. In 2007, the Humane Society of the United States named TCAP as the “Most innovative approach to animal welfare in the nation.”


TCAP’s Impact and Accomplishments

TCAP’s skilled and caring veterinary team has spayed/neutered more than a quarter-million North Texas animals and has vaccinated more than 414,000 animals against the deadly rabies virus. TCAP’s ultimate goal is to substantially reduce animal overpopulation and euthanasia throughout North Texas, while promoting animal welfare. Spaying and neutering pets is the most effective way to reduce animal overpopulation and many problems that result from overpopulation such as malnutrition, abandonment, high euthanasia rates, and neglect.

TCAP currently operates standalone clinics in Denton, Fort Worth, Hurst, Burleson, and Allen, but chances are that TCAP is never far from your home with one of our travel “MASH”-style clinics. In addition to providing an invaluable service to pet owners, the Texas Coalition for Animal Protection strives to provide its support to animal shelters and rescue organizations. At TCAP, we truly value these institutions for their contribution to their communities. We want to be there to help make their rescued animals more adoptable and improve the number of animals they can help as a result. Another beneficial side-effect of TCAP’s program is that the combination of reducing animal overpopulation and increasing adoption rates can actually lower the cost of city-funded programs and in-turn lower the cost to North Texas taxpayers.


Do Your Part

If you have a pet that you would like to get sterilized, scheduling an appointment is easy. Just call 940-566-5551 or follow the “Request Appointment” link below. Prices for sterilization begin as low as $35.00. Annual vaccinations for a dog or cat can be purchased for $25 on a walk-in basis from 9 am – noon at all five main TCAP locations and 10 am – noon at all travel locations.


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